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An apartment in the outskirts of Gothenburg, Sweden was to be sold at an auction as is, on November 2022. Only after the viewings took place did an auction inspector notice the macabre sight.

The 40-square-meter apartment was about to be sold by the Swedish Debt Collection Authority because the indebted owner could not be found. In forced sales such as this one, the apartment is sold as is – in this case with a large amount of clutter.


But it was only after viewings had taken place that an inspector from the Debt Collection Authority discovered a dead man halfway under the bed. He was said to have looked like a mummy and had been lying there among the clutter for at least two years.

Now it was finally clear why the authority had not been able to find the owner of the apartment – he was the one lying there.

The Debt Collection Authority couldn’t comment on the specific case due to confidentiality, but Erica Persson, acting section manager, understands why the man was not discovered earlier. He was hidden and partly under a bed.

“We do not clean or style an apartment; everything is sold in its existing condition. We also have no right to rummage around in possessions”, commented Erica Persson, acting section manager for the Debt Authority.


According to Erica Persson, it is highly unusual for them to find deceased people in homes that are to be auctioned off.

“It is extremely tragic. We understand that this was a person who was very lonely,” she says.

According to the Police, the exact cause of the man’s death remains unclear, with no suspicion of foul play.

Despite the discovery of the dead man, the apartment was successfully sold – dead man not included!

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