Three evenly places frames on a pastel wall. How to use the frame spacing calculator.

Have you ever wondered how to evenly space picture frames on a wall? Here’s a handy frame spacing calculator that will surely help you.

How to Use the Frame Spacing Calculator:

  1. Wall Width: Enter the width of your wall in the “Wall width” field. This is the total horizontal length available for your frames.
  2. Number of Frames: Specify how many frames you intend to hang on the wall in the “Number of frames” field.
  3. Frame Width: Input the width of the frames you plan to use in the “Frame width” field. e.g. if each frame is 12″ in width, add 12 on the field.
  4. Unit Selection: Choose your preferred unit of measurement, whether it’s centimeters (cm) or inches.
  5. Calculate: Click the “Calculate Frame Spacing” button.

Understanding the Results:

The calculator will provide you with precise information on how far apart you should place your picture frames so you can have evenly spaced frames. It will also generate placement instructions for each frame, specifying both the edge and center measurements from the wall.

Calculate Spacing Between Frames

For best results center the frames 60 inches (152 cm) from the ground.

Frame Spacing Calculator


Place your frames as follows:

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