Mick Jagger's family tree, juxtaposed to a vinyl record.

I recently came across this Reddit thread where users are discussing this Wikipedia list of oldest fathers. While Mick Jagger is too young to make the list, having his 8th child at the age of 73, a Reddit user made the following remark:

Jagger’s got great-grandchildren older than his youngest kid. His kids range in age from 4-50.

Apparently, he loves kids and is pretty active and pep-talk supportive with his downline. But none of the grandkids or great grandkids call him Grandpa or whatever. They call him Mick.

That really stuck with me. I guess having a grandchild who is older than your youngest child, while being uncommon is not really unheard of. But having a great-grandchild who is older than your child?! That sounds like a first!

So I went ahead and made the visualization below. I was about to call it a “Family Circle”, but then I took a look from a distance and I was like “Hang on a second, this looks eerily similar to a vinyl record”. Feel free to left-click on the image and open it on a new tab, as the resolution is quite high to accommodate Mick Jagger’s rather extensive family tree. Under the original visualization you can find the vinyl one, and under that, you can find some details about Mick Jagger’s family.

Here’s the normal Family Circle version I originally envisioned:

Mick Jagger's family circle

And here’s the Vinyl Version:

Mick Jagger's family tree, juxtaposed to a vinyl record.
Mick Jagger’s family tree, juxtaposed to a vinyl record.

Mick Jagger’s Extensive Family

So let’s take a closer look at Mick Jaggers Family Tree.

Mick Jagger, born in 1943 has thus far had children with 5 partners:

  • Marsha Hunt, born in 1946. Relationship started in 1969.
    • Karis Jagger is Marsha and Mick’s first and only child, born in 1970.
      • Karis has two children with Jonathan Watchon: Mazie and Zak, born in 2004. I am not entirely sure they are twins, but there’s not a lot of information about them on the internet.
  • Bianca Jagger, born in 1945. Relationship started in 1970.1
    • Jade Jagger is Bianca and Mick’s only child, born in 1971.
      • Jade has two children with Piers Jackson:
        • Assisi Jackson, born in 1992, and Mick Jagger’s first grandchild.
          • Assisi has two children with Alex Key:
            • Ezra Key, born in 2014, and Micek Jagger’s first great-grandchild.
            • Romy Key, born in 2019.
        • Amba Jackson, born in 1996.
      • Jade has one child with Adrian Fillary: Ray Fillary, born in 2014.
  • Jerry Hall, born in 1956. Relationship started in 1977.
    • Elizabeth Jagger is Jerry and Mick’s first child, born in 1984.
      • Elizabeth has one child with Christopher Behlau: Eugene, born in 20202
    • James Jagger, born in 1985.
    • Georgia Jagger, born in 1992.
    • Gabriel Jagger, born in 1997.
  • Luciana Gimenez Morad, born in 1969. Relationship started in 1999.
    • Lucas Morad-Jagger is Luciana and Mick’s only child, born in 1999.
  • Melanie Hamrick, born in 1987. Relationship started in 2014.
    • Deveraux Jagger is Melanie and Mick’s only child, born in 2016.

Key takeaways

Mick Jagger has children spanning over five decades. His first child, Karis, was born in 1970, while his most recent child, Deveraux, was born in 2016. This means there’s a 46-year age gap between his oldest and youngest child.

His grandchildren span over many decades too. His first grandchild, Assisi was born in 1992, while his most recent one, Eugene, was born in 2020, giving them a 28-year difference.

Melanie, Mick’s most recent partner, born in 1987, is younger than 4 of Mick’s children. She is actually 17 years younger than his oldest child, Karis, and just 5 years older than his oldest grandchild, Assisi.

Mick Jagger’s youngest son, Deveraux, born in 2016, is 2 years younger than Jagger’s first great-grandchild Ezra, born in 2014.


I hope you found this as interesting as I did. Feel free to share it with whoever. I’m posting this in November 2023 and will continue to add upcoming births when they happen. If I miss any please leave a comment below.

  1. Prepare yourselves for a wild ride with this branch. ↩︎
  2. For this one, other than a first name I couldn’t find any pictures online. ↩︎

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