Mr. Incredible poster on Syndrome's wall

I was watching a movie commentary video on Youtube titled “when a director breaks all of Pixar’s rules…” by Youtube Channel Scene It the other day. At the 8:13 mark I noticed this mid-century modernism poster of Mr. Incredible on the wall of little Syndrome/IncrediBoy.

I did som google-fu but couldn’t find it reconstructed anywhere with better resolution and normal perspective.

There were some request-posts on Reddit from 6 years ago as well as this iteration that I find to be a bit too glowy.

So I decided to go ahead and recreate it on my own. It’s not 1:1, but it get’s the point across. You can find the .png below.

Please not that I am as far from a graphic designer as one could get. It took my a couple of hours in Photoshop to do this. If you want me to post the .psd file let me know in the comments below.

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